2018 Preps With Unleash Ghana

Numerous institutions, including the World Health Organization, recommend education campaigns targeted at the general public to improve awareness of suicidal crises and, more broadly, of depression; to improve access to care; and to combat the stigma associated with these illnesses and discrimination against people who have them.

The purpose of this project was to assess the state of depression in our society and to support the global fight against depression locally especially among the growing youth. A preparatory team and partnership was made with Unleash Ghana to tackle the menace the best way we can for the rest of the year 2018.

We believe depression is an all age menace devouring lives silently from the least to the great, young and old people from all walks of life. As it is with vision, our focus is on the youth most especially those in the second and third cycle institutions in Ghana.

As stated, we did the work with Unleash Ghana handling the counselling and treatment of patients. Ours was to coordinate the program ensuring a smooth process from start to finish in terms of Patient – Counselor/ Doctor relation and treatment corporation cum financing.

The program for the year in review was a success with a positive outlook for future projects of the foundation. 70% of patients treated are fully recovered and back to their activities with high enthusiasm, The remaining 30% are on a gradual recovery process and we hope to get them up to active life soon.

Our kids are falling, our students are failing due to Anxiety and Depression. Let’s help and make Ghana and the next generation of leaders sound to lead.

Depression is every where and we wish to make it known that SSF is here to help.