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Welcome to Silent Scream Foundation

We are helping homes fight depression and it’s challenges.

Silent Scream foundation (SSF) is a Non Profit Organization legally Registered in Ghana under the Company’s Act. Our mission, is reaching out to individuals with depression and related psychological challenges. Guided by its Mission, the foundations objective is to identify and safely handle individuals battling depression and anxiety in the second cycle and tertiary institutions subject to the foundations policies and International best psychiatry practices.

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“Depression crept up slowly and completely wiped me out. It was my counsellor who first mentioned depression to me. Hearing it out loud hurt, but I needed the wakeup call. Looking back, I am glad it was her that noticed first. She has supported me ever since.”
University of Ghana
“It is renewed hope that with the help of someone else, I can be better than this. I can live a better life than this. I can overcome this. And it all started when she placed her hands in mine”
University of Ghana

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