Strategic Goals of Organization

Create awareness on depression and the danger it poses to our nation’s future.
Raise and provide support for depressed youth in the second and third cycle institutions in Ghana.
Empower and sustain the foundation.
Collaborate with likeminded organizations, professionals and other stakeholders in the management of depression and anxiety.


The ‘people’ as captured encompass;
Students in the Second and Third Cycle Institutions needing help in battling depression and related psychological challenges. Volunteers shall be tasked to educate, identify and refer sufferers to the foundation for treatment. The ‘Volunteer’ shall be a person with sound mind, able to read and write, tolerant and compassionate in humanitarian acts, who believes in the Mission and Vision of the foundation and has fully read and agreed by a written note and approved to do support works in a sanction department(s) of the foundation.


The foundation shall be headquartered in Ghana from whence we shall expand to touch other countries in the subregion and the continent at large. We shall operate from Accra, Ghana.


As an NGO, we shall commit to paying treatments offered affected persons that goes beyond the expertise and capacity of the volunteer. All treatments shall be local and subject to the discretion of the finance committee.


Our service offering shall be Counselling in four main areas;
Peer: Encourage affected persons to share their challenge amongst themselves regularly.
Listening Ear: First level Pour-Out Counselling to affected persons.
Psycho-Treatment: Employ Clinical Psychologist in counselling and treating affected persons.
Religious: Counselling affected person with religious Values to build their Moral, Psychological and Emotional self Spiritually.