what we do

Our Services

The foundation seeks to lead the fight against depression and its related mental health challenges among youths in Ghana. Apart from awareness creation, Silent Scream Foundation support other base activities such as:


We identify and cater for the treatment of depressed and anxious individuals either by first hand counselling or drug related psychiatric treatment.

Education Outreach

The goal is to visit and educate students and teachers of 2nd and 3rd cycle institutions nationwide to raise awareness of depression and the dangers it posses to the future of our nation.


Partnering like minded organizations and Non-Government Organizations, local and international to fight depression and anxiety related challenges.


In carrying out our services, we also believe a comprehensive information gathering in the form of research can go a long way to help us identify and establish the cause of anxiety and full blown depression among the ages in our target group.

Need help in fighting depression and it’s challenges?

Speak to a Professional Counsellor or Therapist via the WhatsApp Chat Portal below.