Polices and Procedures

Our Objectives

Guided by its Mission, the foundations objective is to identify and safely handle people battling depression and anxiety subject to the foundations policies and International best psychiatry practices.

Foundation Group Descriptions

The foundation shall comprise of 3 main groups namely Accounts and Finance, Silent Scream Foundation Representatives and Counsellors.

Accounting and Finance

The Accounts and Finance department shall be responsible for the soliciting and management of funds to support the organization. They shall prepare and review the foundations financials.


This group shall serve as the foundation’s ambassadors. Their task is to ensure a robust outreach, market the foundation, educate people on depression, identify and refer affected persons to the foundation. When necessary, this groups shall engage and recruit new volunteers to support the work of the foundation.


The counselling group shall comprise of 3 subgroups who shall counsel under the following wings:
i. Listening ear unit
ii Religious Unit
iii. Psycho-Treatment Unit.
iv. Code of Ethics

Code of Conduct

The body shall foremost be guided by Religious Values and Principles. As a foundation whose mandate is to help and bring hope to individuals with depression and anxiety, the foundation shall also comply with the State as well as International Rules in Counselling and Psychological treatment ensuring high standards of integrity and patient privacy. Representatives and appointees of the foundation tasked with a case shall be bound by the above and will be expected to display high level of integrity in the discharge of any support to patients at all times.

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