Risk Management(s) and Management

Silent Scream Foundation will develop and implement a risk assessment and management tool as well as policies to deal with likely risk.
Culprits will be subjected to managements approved or discretionally mode of sanctions when proven guilty to the following or similar vices.

Patient Privacy Violation

As a foundation with a mission to help depressed individuals survive their depressed state and pursue their God given talents we believe the patients privacy can be violated in ways such as; Poor Information Keeping, Divulging of Patients information by counsellor to a third parties without approval.

Patient Abuse and Harassment

We envisage the possible abuse and harassment of Patients by counsellors and vice-versa in the following ways; Poor Counselling, Poor Diagnosis and Drug Administration by professionals, Sexual Harassment, Threats, Apathy and other unapproved acts that explore the vulnerability of patients.

Funds Embezzlement and Diversion

The efficient running of the Foundation will also hinge on funds from Donors and Management. We believe the disbursement of such funds for treatment and other administrative requirements can be diverted or overpriced by individuals tasked to manage the said funds.

Delay in Diagnostics and Treatment

Time is of the essence in determining the cause and treatment of patients. We believe a possible delay of diagnostics can prolong the envisaged treatment periods even for the least Depression case by professionals or sufferers.

Poor Response to Treatment

We believe the treatment of Depression and its related psychiatric challenges can be a difficult task in which patients may refuse or build resistance to treatment and other counselling attempts. The controls we employ will be monitored and reviewed periodically to ensure the foundation and its activities are carried out with outermost sanctity.

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