2022 Mental Health Awareness Training

The project is targeted toward Silent Scream volunteers and other stakeholders who are invested in improving mental health outcomes. The first part of the project involved a series of training sessions over several weeks where Silent Scream volunteers were educated on the intricacies of mental health advocacy and how to assist people who need help in this regard.

The second part of the project involves the larger community and all who are interested in learning more about mental health and how to manage it. Based on research conducted using data from WHO, the organization realized that one of the main issues affecting access to mental healthcare is the lack of awareness surrounding mental illness.
This project is aimed at educating the public on mental health issues as well as giving people tools to access support for issues concerning their mental health.

The project is ongoing so complete results have yet to be collated.
However, from the first part of the project, volunteers were able to broaden their knowledge about mental health advocacy and are better equipped to offer help when needed.


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